Climate Vs Non-Climate

Climate vs. Non-Climate

When looking to store your personal items in a storage facility it is very important to know which type of storage unit to use. At AAA Stow-A-Way Storage, LLC we offer both climate controlled and non-climate controlled units.

Climate Controlled Storage Units

Storing in a climate controlled facility would be similar to storing in a spare bedroom at your home.  We try to maintain a comfortable temperature between 60-80 degrees. This is a perfect location for your beloved items if you’re unsure how long you will need to use the storage unit. Storing your items in a climate controlled unit will protect them as seasons and temperatures change outdoors.  Below is a short list of common items we suggest to store in a climate controlled unit:

• Antiques, dishes, lamps, etc.

• Artwork, photographs, memorabilia, books, magazines, etc.

• Family heirlooms, collectibles, etc.

• Electronic equipment, household appliances, etc.

• Medical/pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, classroom supplies, etc.

• Any weather sensitive clothing, furniture, chairs, sofa, mattresses, box springs, etc.

• Hunting mounts, holiday decorations, seasonal items, etc.

• Personal records, business documents, household files, etc.

Non-Climate Controlled Storage Units

Our non-climate controlled units are a more traditional option.  It can be compared to storing your items in your garage.  If you don’t need to store your items for very long, this is the perfect option to give you extra storage space away from your home.

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