Climate Vs Non-Climate

Climate vs. Non-Climate

When looking to store your personal items in a storage facility it is very important to know which type of storage unit to use. At AAA Stow-A-Way Storage, LLC we offer both climate controlled and non-climate controlled units.

Climate Controlled Storage Units

Storing in a climate controlled facility would be similar to storing in a spare bedroom at your home.  We try to maintain a comfortable temperature between 60-80 degrees. This is a perfect location for your beloved items if you’re unsure how long you will need to use the storage unit. Storing your items in a climate controlled unit will protect them as seasons and temperatures change outdoors.  Below is a short list of common items we suggest to store in a climate controlled unit:

• Antiques, dishes, lamps, etc.

• Artwork, photographs, memorabilia, books, magazines, etc.

• Family heirlooms, collectibles, etc.

• Electronic equipment, household appliances, etc.

• Medical/pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, classroom supplies, etc.

• Any weather sensitive clothing, furniture, chairs, sofa, mattresses, box springs, etc.

• Hunting mounts, holiday decorations, seasonal items, etc.

• Personal records, business documents, household files, etc.

Non-Climate Controlled Storage Units

Our non-climate controlled units are a more traditional option.  It can be compared to storing your items in your garage.  If you don’t need to store your items for very long, this is a great option to give you extra storage space away from your home.

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